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Medooza smart contract v 2.0.0 announcement and token swap.

by medooza.news

Dear MEDOOZA PROJECT fans & users!
We are excited and proud to present the Medooza smart contract  v2.0.0 , completely redesigned!

Bug and Security:

We are excited to announce that our new Smart contract  is updated and fixed according to the latest known bug and security issues found with ERC20 platform.

Also we added new security layers that protect the Medooza token users from known bugs and security issues.

Medooza token audit report:

Token swap.

We at MEDOOZA  always think about customers and always fair towards customers.

Therefore, unlike other projects, on our project, a client will not need to spend money during the swap process. There is a flexible time frame for our customers to do that swap (until 30.06.2019). The whole process is on our expense!

We simplified the token swap for our users and now it’s done with a few simple actions:

1. Enter to Medooza wallet and add MDZA as new ERC20 token:
2. Add new MDZA smart contract [0x0eCDd783dc7bF820614044B51862ED29714d2BA5] as following: – In the symbol section, simple rename it to MDZA2
3. Back to Add wallet/coin. You will see newly added MDZA2 token. Press “Create”
4. Select creation from current MDZA token:
Unlock and Reuse (You must to provide the token password. Usually this is a signup password)
5. That it. You will see that exactly amount of new token funded to your wallet with the same address. After you finish this steps, You Must BACKUP your wallet !!

Please be aware , although you see similar amount on old MDZA and new MDZA2 tokens, only MDZA2 can be used.

So, to avoid mistakes we suggest to remove the old MDZA Tokens from Your wallet:

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