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Terms of service
It’s your own responsibility to read the Terms of Service carefully before you start to use one or more of Medooza platforms.
This agreement is between you ( ‘You’ or ‘Your’ in this agreement) and Medooza Company (‘Medooza’ in this agreement). Medooza is a Blockchain Platform which consists of a set of mobile, web, desktop applications and website https://Medooza.io (https://medooza.io/) . You acknowledge that any use of Medooza is subject to these Terms of Service.
An encrypted backup of certain information associated with the Wallet must be stored on a device of your choice in Keystore JSON format. The backup file and password/s can be used to authorize the transfer of Virtual Currency to and from that Wallets addressed managed with the Medooza wallet platform. You are solely responsible for maintaining the security of your private key and any mnemonic (backup) phrase associated with your Wallet. You must keep your Wallet address, mnemonic, backup file, and private key access information secure. Failure to do so may result in the loss of control of Virtual Currency associated with the Wallet.
Medooza Wallet Cannot Assist With Password Retrieval. Medooza Wallet does not stores your Wallet address or store your Wallet password, encrypted private key, unencrypted private key, or mnemonic (backup) phrase associated with your Wallet. We cannot, therefore, assist you with Wallet password retrieval. We cannot generate a new password for your Wallet if you fail to remember your original password. If you have not safely stored a backup of any Wallet address and private key pairs maintained in your Wallet, you accept and acknowledge that any Virtual Currency you have associated with such a Wallets addresses will become inaccessible if you do not have your Wallet/s password or your backup file.
Definitions and Services offered
Medooza is an innovative cryptocurrency infrastructure, which consists of:
Medooza Mobile, Web and Desktop Wallet Applications
Medooza has created means for users to access and transfer ownership of virtual currency tokens (such as Bitcoins, Ethereum etc.) under the name “Medooza Wallet…”. By entering into this agreement You will receive a license to use any of the Medooza Wallet Applications. You should only use the Medooza Wallet Application if you are familiar with virtual currencies. We highly recommend learning the basics of the specific virtual currency that You plan on using the Medooza Wallet Application before running the application.
You Own Your Private Keys
Medooza does not store user’s private keys, backup phrases or passwords (“Private Information”). It is very important that You backup Private Information immediately after wallet activation. If You lose Your Private Information / backup file then it will not be possible for Medooza to recover it for You and You may lose access to Your virtual currency tokens. If You do not understand the above paragraph then we strictly recommend that You learn more about virtual currencies before using the Medooza Wallet Application.
The only authentic record of virtual currency transactions is the applicable virtual currency blockchain. The Medooza Wallet Application provides functionality that allows You to send virtual currency transfer instructions. Medooza does not guarantee that transactions You perform using the Medooza Wallet Application shall be stored in any virtual currency blockchain. You must ensure that Your transactions conform to the applicable rules of the virtual currency software. There may be transaction fees (e.g. mining fees) associated with Your virtual currency transactions that are required by the virtual currency system You engage with. Medooza shall not be responsible for any losses You incur due to transaction fees or losses that occur due to incorrectly set transaction fees (i.e. too low or high). Medooza does not have access to Your transactions (or anyone else’s).