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#Metahash Community Has Been Growing… Don’t Miss Out!

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Blockchain technologies and applications are very much alive and kicking, depending on whose side you are looking. For a bit of history, the #Metahash trial period which ran through Q2 2018, leveraging more than 200 temporary servers throughout the world, are now replaced by token owner nodes after the network became fully functional. From that trial, #MetaHash validated its goal of 60,000 – 80,000 Transactions Per Second and now they have almost 500 server nodes established by the community

#MetaGate, the network’s decentralized browser, has changed significantly – from a quite bold interface with “test” icons back in 2018, it flourished into a bunch of first Dapps from community, original #MetaHash services and tools like #MetaHash Pay, its own messenger, and #MetaApps, with more to go live in the coming months.

#MetaHash client will go mobile quite soon, so managing #MHC will become available also on iOS and Android, while #MetaWallet will start processing BTC and ETH. Both PC and mobile wallets will be integrated with web API so as to make crypto payments as easy as one click and expand the usage of #MetaHashCoin throughout everyday online payments.

As announced recently, the further development of #MetaContracts, the new non ERC-20 smart contracts which are much faster, cheaper, and easier than anything else in blockchain now, is in full swing. Soon the option of releasing stablecoins and tokens on #MetaHash network will become available.

And finally – #MetaHashCoin is pushing forward. After listing on the first two exchanges the organic growth of #MetaHash’ capitalization hit at 300% in less than a month according to CoinMarketCap. The coin will be listed on more exchanges including fiat ones and the team will proceed to support the conditions for the further stable growth.

The #Metahash community has been growing after newcomers are oriented about how the #Metahash network is structured and how it develops. The #MetaHash system depends on forging provided by nodes and #MHC delegating. You can find more information about how to forge in tutorials here and here.

Network’s performance and its further improvement look quite optimistic as well. According to statistics the hardware which #MetaHash community uses is more advanced than ones been used for tests by the dev team which means that the initially declared 50k+ may significantly increase

“…active wallets will grow several times and reach about 1 million.”

#MetaHash team has calculated that by the end of this year, the number of active wallets will grow several times and reach about 1 million. The community is growing faster than the load on the system: today the network is less than 20% loaded, so commissions are not yet taken into account.

Transactional commissions in the #MetaHash project will be at least 10 times cheaper than in other blockchain projects. But even such a commission will significantly increase the size of reward and give bigger remuneration than from the current daily forging.

This will become mainstream in the future. I’m sure of this, too. It is not surprising that this project has already gathered so many like-minded people and supporters ready to support you and be part of such a strong and confident team.

#MetaHash welcomes all crypto enthusiasts, developers, and technology partners to join this exciting race – the moon is not the limit anymore!

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