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Crypto Market Wrap: $16 Billion Selloff Begins, Where Will it End?

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Crypto markets pulling back sharply; Litecoin, EOS, Bitcoin Cash and SV getting smashed, Crypto.com gets fomo.

Market Wrap

As expected crypto markets are finally dumping as we end the week. Over $16 billion has been lost as markets fall from their 2019 high back to $170 billion or so. Bitcoin initiated the dump but so far has remained above key support levels. It is the altcoins that are bleeding today.

Bitcoin fell below $5,000 for the first time in a week and settled at $4,950 before recovering slightly. The failure to break resistance at $5,400 has sent BTC back down as it drops around 4% on the day. Many had predicted this pullback and foretell further losses back to major support at $4,600 where the 200 day moving average is.

Ethereum has fallen harder as expected with a drop of 5% back below $165 again. There was no push to $200 for ETH which is still rising and falling along with its big brother. The gap between it and XRP in third is now much larger though at almost $4 billion market cap.

The top ten is a sea of red during today’s Asian trading session. The altcoins are getting hammered, some by double digits. Litecoin is losing 9% today as it falls back to $77, EOS and Bitcoin Cash are not doing a great deal better with 24 hours loses of 6 – 7 percent. Stellar and Cardano have both dumped 5% as Tether moves back up the chart.

The top twenty is awash with equal pain as Bitcoin SV, Ontology and Maker dump ten percent a piece. Close behind is Tron, NEO and Ethereum Classic with losses of over 6% on the day.

FOMO: Crypto.com Crushing It

Despite the massive market correction Crypto.com’s Chain is flying today with a 25% fomo pump to $0.093 (1860 satoshis). There does not appear to be much driving the fomo, the only recent news is that the company donated $500k to Binance charity. South Korean markets are dominating trade in CRO with Upbit taking 40% of the total volume.

TrueChain is also getting fomo today with a 20% pump and Lambda is the third altcoin in double digits at 17%. KuCoin Shares are still getting dumped with a further 11% lost today. ABBC Coin and Revain, the usual suspects, are also dumping 10% each following recent pumps.

Total market capitalization 24 hours. Coinmarketcap.com

Total crypto market capitalization has lost 5.5% in 24 hours falling from around $180 to just below $170 billion. Markets reached a new 2019 high on Thursday with a brief surge to $186 billion but since then $16 billion has been wiped out. This could be a short term pullback or the beginning of a final capitulation that so many analysts have been talking about.

Market Wrap is a section that takes a daily look at the top cryptocurrencies during the current trading session and analyses the best-performing ones, looking for trends and possible fundamentals.

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