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Medooza wallet version 2.0.0 announcement

by medooza.news
Medooza blockchain Ecosystem

Dear MEDOOZA PROJECT fans & users!
We are excited and proud to present the Medooza wallet version 2.0.0, completely redesigned inside and outside!

Under the Hood:
On this 2.0.0 major update of the Medooza wallet We wanted to provide our users with a robust backend that can live up to the evolving future of the Ethereum ecosystem and the Blockchain technology. We added and updated Additional 504 developer hours and 3028 line code.

On the next update that is going to be in the next months, we will focus on the front end and present revolutionary features.

Improved backend:
We made a complete overhaul of our backend. Now our wallet is much faster and more secure than ever.

We have implemented all the latest security fixes and known vulnerability on 3-rd party packages.
Our new hashes mechanism running periodically to ensure all files correctly signed with hash!

Service workers:
Service workers are one of the latest trends in web technology. These scripts enable users to have the latest version of a website without worrying about caching issues. An extremely efficient built-in caching mechanism means that even if you have intermittent internet connection, or temporarily go offline while in the middle of a transaction, the flow of actions will not be interrupted.

New coins support:
Now, The Medooza Wallet Platform support almost all stable coins in the market like USDT, TUSD, GUSD and many others.

With the new backend, Users can add Tokens and create new wallet addresses on the fly!
We want to thank our devoted users and we can assure that we will continue to develop and update the Wallet platform so our users will always have the best cryptocurrency wallet.

We thank all the Medooza project supporters that contribute us during the process.

More great news are on the way – Stay Tune!

Medooza Team

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