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Medooza Airdrop v2.2 is live!

by medooza.news
medooza faucet earn free tokens

We’re happy to announce that our new versions of the Medooza Airdrop / Faucet, is ready for public use !!
It’s Faster, more Simple and fully transparent!

The new Medooza Airdrop / Faucet is Fast, Simple and fully transparent! Earn Free tokens

Click to enter the Medooza Faucet
Background: The previous version fully based on Ethereum Blockchain. We’ve served up to 17500 transactions within less than 10 days!
As you may know, the Ethereum Blockchain can serve only 10 transactions per second and that lead to some inconvenience to our users (timeouts, pending and failed transactions).
Our team on Medooza project taking our users experience very seriously and we made significant changes on our platforms and applications in a world time record !

♥ Make more MDZA: Share and earn MDZA is now open to all users with The Medooza Affiliate Program
♥ Medooza use cases: Now you can use the tokens to buy goods and services.
Check it here

What Changed:

  • Our smart contract now is fully support airdrop!.
  • All transactions validation done on Blockchain.
  • All transactions recorded for processing without needs to wait for it actually executed at Blockchain level. (can takes a lot of time when the Ethereum network in overloaded) And executed latter.
  • We tested ~ 6500 transaction and got 99.999% token transfer success. (within 1-2 hours)
  • Notification optimization for better user experience.

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Medooza Team

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