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French Crypto Enthusiasts Appeal for Bitcoin Donations to Rebuild Notre-Dame Cathedral

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One of France’s most iconic buildings lies virtually destroyed after a tragic fire consumed it last night. In response to the incident, which has moved much of the planet, a group of French Bitcoin advocates have set up a crypto appeal.

The blaze is now under control but millions of euros worth of architecture and artwork has been damaged. France’s president has pledged to rebuild the once-magnificent building and the Bitcoin donations will contribute towards the effort.

Bitcoin Philanthropy: French Crypto Community Appeal for Donations

The crypto appeal was first launched by French Bitcoin advocate, journalist, and podcaster, Gregory Raymond. His Tweet states that such a philanthropic action could help prove to the lawmakers of the planet that Bitcoin can be used for good and not just the small percentage of criminal uses often cited by regulators and naysayers:

President @EmmanuelMacron has announced a subscription to rebuild #NotreDame. Hey bitcoiners, let's prove to the french authorities #Bitcoin can be an amazing way to send funds quickly, without border and for a good cause ! #bitcoinfornotredame 1JX3k1e1acXENqoKqaAtKKEdE9C2j4WsDB pic.twitter.com/Xu1zULMqL1

— Grégory Raymond (@gregory_raymond) April 15, 2019

Other French crypto enthusiasts have since Tweeted their support for the appeal. A group from France’s digital asset community suggested that the wallet used for donations be switched for a multi-signature address to ensure that the funds go to where the appeal’s organisers say they will. Translated, the below Tweet simply reads:

“The Coin Circle will support the approach of Gregory Raymond. A multi-signature address will be put in place to give more guarantee to donors. We communicate very quickly.”

Le Cercle du Coin va appuyer cette démarche de @gregory_raymond . Une adresse multi signature va être mise en place pour donner plus de garantie aux donateurs. Nous communiquons très vite. https://t.co/t9cJ6Ak7ge

— Le Cercle du Coin (@AssoCDC) April 16, 2019

So far, the original Bitcoin address has received just 0.02760433 BTC from 11 donations. Most of this has now been transferred to the multi-signature address below, which is yet to receive a donation:


Controlling the muti-sig wallet is Raymond, L Cercle du Coin, and David Prinçay – another committed French Bitconer.

France Mourns as Cathedral Ashes Smoulder

The twelfth-century cathedral is an absolute symbol of France. It was one of the nation’s most famous landmarks. According to a BBC article, the blaze is now under control but firefighters continue to work at the scene. Meanwhile, recovery teams are trying to salvage what they can from the artwork inside the building.

In terms of structural damage, the cathedral’s spire and roof has collapsed. According to the BBC, more than 500 firefighters managed to save one of the building’s bell towers.

Today, the scene has been visited by thousands of Parisians who stood in silence as the firefighters tackled the inferno. Many wept for the loss of the iconic building that meant so much to the nation of France.

The precise cause of the fire is still unknown. However, the Paris prosecutor’s office is considering it a case of “accidental destruction by fire.” Some experts have opined that the fire may have been linked to recent renovation work on the building.

President Macron has praised the courage of those involved with putting the blaze out. The French premier also stated, “we’ll rebuild Notre-Dame together”, a message that those Bitcoin advocates behind today’s appeal have clearly taken to heart.

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