How to create a Bitcoin wallet address and import Bitcoin address to Medooza wallet

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How to create Bitcoin wallet address with the Medooza wallet platform and import an existing Bitcoin wallet address if you already have one (like if you created a Bitcoin Paper wallet address)

Hi Guys, First go to and create a blockchain wallet.
In the video we will show you how to import Bitcoin wallets / assets to Medooza wallet?
First you need to create a cryptocurrency wallet on the Medooza wallet platform. It’s very easy and it takes about 1-2 minutes. click to see the guide how to create a cryptocurrency wallet.

To import external assets first click on “ADD WALLET / COIN” Under Bitcoin icon click “Restore/import” button Now you have few options.

Option one: is Just to see the wallet status and transactions history. For that, choose the address option, enter your wallet address and click “IMPORT”. Now you can access and just to watch the wallet status, founds and transaction history on the blockchain network.

Option two: You will have full control (Buy, Send, Receive), access to wallet status and transactions history. For that choose “private key encrypted (BIP 38)”.

  • Paste your private key code.
  • Enter the password you opened the Medooza wallet Click “Import”.
  • Now you will see the wallet address in your wallets list and you can manage your funds from the Medooza wallet platform. You can rename the wallet name with your own name for easy access.

Please leave a comment is you like the video. If you have questions about the Medooza wallet or the Medooza ecosystem, contact us:

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